What is it?

Our Charcuterie Boards take the idea of a simple cheese and meat tray and ramp it up a few levels!  We add dried fruits, pickled veggies, spreads and other goodies and put it all together in a beautiful way for your event.

How much time do you need?

We need at least a few days notice generally but please feel free to reach out and ask if you need one ASAP!  I can't say we can do all orders, but we will sure do our best to accommodate you!

What are the prices?

The more people you have, the less the cost per person will be but even for a board for 10 people, the cost per person is really great!  It's $9.00 per person for 10 people, $8.50 per person for 15 people and only $7.50 per person for 20 or more people.